Heartwork – Moving On…

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Dear ones

It’s been such a blessing running this blog over the last 15 years or so, 1st over on blogger, and then here. The last 18 months have been life changing, spiritual transformation, illness, near death experience, and the loss of my mum… Incredibly I feel more vital and alive and at peace than ever before, and the work I now do under the banner of Authentic Living, is the of the greatest joy, as it is in service of helping others align with the highest in themselves, as I align with the highest in me. The ripples are spreading out beautifully.

…and so this blog will cease to be updated from this post, though will remain a while as an archive. Writing work will continue to be featured at www.johnsiddique.co.uk which will see a very beautiful update soon. VideoBlogs will appear there, as that is a better medium for my work these days, and of course the Authentic Living work will be featured on its own site.

I’m also about to close down my twitter, what was once the most inspiring tool for freedom and exchange on the internet, is now a cesspool of self egoic promotion, calls for murder of people, hatred and small mindedness. The inspiring content is almost gone, and it’s no way for me to share with you. It is what it is, but it’s not for me to change it, anything good barely gets seen there, so we’re just shifting things to where there is a better chance of genuine exchange and connection. You can still keep up to date with me on instagram, youtube, and through the newsletter.

Much love to you, and thank you for walking on this path with me a while. I’m just over here.



‘To genuinely give space to another is perhaps the greatest thing any of us can do.’

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An interview with yours truly on writing as a path, why books are for everyone, how my school teacher saved my life by taking me to the library, accidentally becoming a spiritual teacher… and more…

Please help & give poetry, writing, spirituality, and inclusive (diverse) writing a boost by sharing on your own networks, blogs and so on… these are not things that ever get supported or even covered in press etc.. so it’s wonderful for Alchemy to have created a space for someone like me.

🙏🏽 Gratitude

How Do We Let Go?

September 29, 2016 § Leave a comment

A video reply to an email, asking how do we ‘let go?’ We explore the ideas behind ‘Letting Go,’ and whether there is any such thing as a spiritual path, and if Enlightenment is actually attainable. I hope you find this video of benefit.

We All Pray In Our Own Way

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A visit to the two ancient oaks in Glastonbury, both more than 1000 years old. They are a place where so many travellers have offered up their hopes & dreams & prayers.


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A reflection on how we need both vulnerability & courage, feminine & masculine to have any real growth or completeness in our lives. There are some scenes of the remarkable beauty of Cheddar Gorge, I also stop off at an ashram in Glastonbury to sing the names of God. The video begins with a consideration of how there is nowhere to go to socialise if you are living your life centred in awareness & consciousness.

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The Real Junk Food Cafe

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Dear ones

I hope you are really having a beautiful day in your life, in presence and in your life’s expression.

I’ve just uploaded a new episode of the Living Authentically Podcast – Imagine a cafe where you pay what you feel for the food you get, and all of the food has been rescued from being thrown away. I go to meet the people who run the Real Junk Food Cafe, a wonderful human model of possibility for the years ahead of us.

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It is also available as a video

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What Is The Best Way To Meditate?

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Each week in the meditation classes and retreats I run, there is a time for questions and/or reflection on an aspect of awakening to the truth of awareness in our own lives. In last week’s class I was asked the question ‘What Is The Best Way To Meditate At Home?’ The answer to this is a far trickier than you might imagine…

This Satsang session is audio only, and I hope it will also be made available as a podcast in time.