What Goes Around…

December 20, 2015 § Leave a comment


A long time ago I recorded the whole of my book Recital – An Almanac as an audiobook, it took weeks of preparation, recording and editing, and as the arts world would have it, it never saw the light of day.

Today I was tidying a shelf in the office when I put my hand on the master CD of the book, and in a flash decided to put it out for myself. You can find it here to listen to or to buy. and you can find the book itself here.

I love this book very much, it was written as a shamanic text, and contains a sequence that follows the moons of the year, as well as looking over the course of a year as if from the reflections of a shattered mirror in a family house. Recital took me to around the world, most importantly to Los Angeles where I launched the book and was Poet In Residence at CSULA for the British Council.

Here is the ‘The Death of Death,’ which is the closing poem from the book. I love this one (is that allowed?) Yes it is, We’re allowed to enjoy our own channelings and creations.


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