Carl Jung – Face To Face

October 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

A wonderful 25 minute interview with one of my great heroes, Carl Gustav Jung. Here his is at 84, look at the sparkle in his eye, and his love of life. I always find myself feeling sorry for the poor interviewer trapped behind his false BBC voice and mask, the difference of presence between the two is a lesson in itself. Yet the interviewer does a fine job of interviewing Jung, it’s just a shame it’s through a mask he may not even know he is wearing. While talking about his life and work Jung is particularly affecting and human. I hope you enjoy this very nourishing piece as much as I do, Jung talks about so much of great import here. I return to this interview very often, especially the parts about man not being able to stand a meaningless life, and the fact of knowing God, rather than believing in create ideas.

This has been my experience since what I can only call my ‘waking up.’ I find myself no longer trying to ‘be something or someone,’ for there is a true light inside each of us. We only have to allow ourselves to know it, not try to make ourselves into a mask of what we think is the right thing to be or say, this is why our poor politicians can make no good changes, why we feel we are not living our lives, and that the world might is going to hell. This why if you follow this writer, you will have noticed I have moved away from being so active in the literary world, reading and writing are wonderful parts of my life, but this work is far more important. I simply can’t pretend to be interested in the small worlds of reactivity and ego that go with so much of what goes on, none of it is art or life enhancing.

This mask wearing needs a lot of self love and courage to let go of, but society will tell you that you will become a monster if you don’t hang on tight. It’s not unfettered ego we let go into, but the light that is our true self. No need to create it, no need to believe in it, let’s live with the courage and gentleness to allow the knowing of life in each of us. This is my work, and Jung reminds me of it, It is the work for all of us. I know those of you who stop off here know this to be true. It is the only work that needs doing on this planet, we’ll still manage to farm, work, and raise our kids, because we are not transcending or casting off this human life, we are moving with the courage to live it.


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