Don’t Have Any Cute Cat Photos – John Pilger on ISIS

October 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

german forest path

Posting this piece by the very necessary John Pilger on ‘ISIS’ and how the push for endless war by the powers that be (those silly sausages) are an enabler.. As ‘our’ consent is manufactured – again and again.

Friends in US may not get to see such investigative & human thinking in their conventional media.. Same here, pretty much now too, journalists just don’t seem to have it in them anymore, and media that seems to have a moral face wear that face like a mask, rather than being connected to any movement towards actual humanity.

The pic of trees has nothing to do with the article, I just wanted to share something beautiful with you. This is a forest I love in northern Germany. I didn’t have a cute picture of a cat.. or I would have posted that, I believe that sort of thing is very popular as an anaesthetic in our internetty world.

…and I have no answers apart from my 100% dedication to the path of authenticity and connecting to the source of love within.. I try to en’courage’ others by just getting on with that, and by bearing witness as the writer/artist especially in regard to those who are made invisible to us.

Peace and love and courage.




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