Bank Holiday Inspiring Movie – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

August 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

Thought I might start an occasional series screening and sharing some films and pieces I have found to be useful and inspiring.

Today is the August ‘Bank Holiday,’ in the UK, aside from the fact banks shouldn’t be having unnecessary holidays after the mess they’ve caused in the world in the last forever.. and that in UK the term Bank Holiday often translates as: get stoned, get drunk, or walk like cattle around shopping malls.. etc whichever way we cut it, it’s usually about not experiencing our glorious birthright of the life that flows though us. We like anaesthetic over life-force, and hey that is okay.. I know each person is doing their best.. and If we don’t know that freedom is real how can we live it.

One of the biggest anaesthetics is our relationship to food. There is no bad food, only our relationship to it, and what we have come to accept as food by those who would profit from our loss is really not serving us well at all. Where ever we are at, we can choose health and consciousness in this moment. The secret is loving ourselves enough to allow ourselves to choose, not forcing ourselves by will power or trying to fit with society or a label, only our own love and real forgiveness will help any of us, and consequently  help others.

So here is a movie I think can really help with the food thing. The first half is a bit meh, but it’s heart is in the right place.. but once we meet Phil the trucker, it really takes off. Look at Phil’s eyes what a beautiful human being. If we ever get disconnected from people best thing we can do is put our hand on our hearts, stay our fear for just a second and look at their eyes. Eyes and Heart are always signs for the road home.


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