Writing Sprint Day #1

August 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Writing Sprint Day #1:

How did you get on if you joined in? Well done if you made some movement on your project.

My aim is 500 words a time, not a huge number, but doable and leaves me juicy and ready to write again tomorrow.

Writing Sprint Day #1 2

My basic equipment beside notebook and fountain pen is a 13 ” MacBook Pro running Scrivener so I can write fullscreen and not have fight against the program as I would in Word. I set the text to green against a black background for two reasons: firstly I can write and concentrate better than I can using black on white, and secondly it reminds me of my old Amstrad PCW 8256. Those of you who have been with me since the days of the ‘Apollo’ chapbook will remember how I used to force it to do things it shouldn’t to achieve text layouts. I also use an application called Freedom, which cuts off my internet access for an amount of time I set… and lastly but not leastly I have a mug with a picture of Charles Bukowski on it which is filled with hot black coffee. One day I’ll give up the coffee, but Christ man I get up at 5.30 everyday and never fit in all I want to do in a day.

Hope to see you tomorrow for day #2. 7am UK time, I’ll be at my desk, let me encourage you to be at yours putting those words to the page.



Writing Sprint Day #1 1


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