‘Learn the names of everything’

July 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

1st July 3

Hunkered down in my cafe doing for an hour’s writing practice.

After twenty four years of seriously wielding a pen, I know much less now than I did when younger. Time shows us that honestly saying ‘I don’t know’ opens the door to creativity and curiosity. What I do know however, is that I solidly trust that writing and more importantly reading, are really part of my life for this time around.


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1st July 1This image from Robert Venosa’s book Manas Manna reminds me to live from my highest true self. It is doable if we stop trying to be good or bad or live by idealogies, but instead go beyond the identification with ego and image, touch that true life energy that is ours and move out from there. A little bit of courage is all it takes everyday, and it builds. How to feel that energy – ask yourself this simple question – Am I Alive? The mind will say ‘of course,’ but under that, how do you really know. You can feel the life in you.. well that’s you, trust that spark.

1st July 2

Hebden Bridge is in heavenly mode this morning. Live true and deep it says. I am such an old hippy/yogi these days 😉 But then I was born like this, it’s just taken until this year to really start living from the life inside, fear used to get in the way so badly. Let go of the pain-body by seeing it with awareness and compassion, and home is in this very moment..




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