Mother’s Day – When You Are The Child of An Unloving Mother.

March 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

A poem for Mother’s Day, reflecting on the love and difficulty of being the adult child of an unloving parent. Perhaps a difficult and taboo subject, certainly something that society the world over doesn’t admit to much, if ever. The lengths we adult children go to in order to try to connect lovingly with the people who birthed us, but who were not there in the ways we needed them because of their violence, and/or their ‘victor or victim’ ideas of life.This clip of my poem Cheap Moisturiser was filmed to raise funds for the charity Oxfam and features a version of me who used to wear earrings, the poem originally appeared in my first book The Prize, which was published by The Rialto. If you would like to read the text of the poem it is here on Poetry International.

I dedicate this piece today to anyone who has plumbed the depths of unconditional love within themselves, while trying to build bridges with a distant parent.

May we all connect to the true source of love inside ourselves, and may we all have people around us who can actually love us for the human beings we are.


Here is a piece I found on the web on the very difficult subject of cutting off from Toxic Parents.

…and for those of you who wish for some healing in your lives around this stuff here are two books which I recommend very highly. Susan Forward’s ‘Toxic Parents’ and Dr. Margaret Paul’s ‘Healing Your Aloneness.’

If you need a little joy and to see some real love, here is a gorgeous little film about a boy and his dog.. and his wonderful parents..


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