New Year Thoughts

January 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Most poets of these times speak only to the mind, to the distraction and the fear in us, to the tribal, to the weakness, to the accepted idealogical agreed standards. I am not one of those poets. I speak from the “I Am” in me to the “I Am” in you. I am part of that line of writers who work to shape the words of the mind into true messages of the human heart. When we speak of the mountain, the tree, the sky. When we speak of the woman in the city, the man in his car, the space between two cups on a wooden table, it is always really about love. What else is life really about? It is all either about love, or the absence of love, disguised as drama, war, money stuff, or power schemes. Gratitude is the key to our hearts. Gratitude and the courage to bear witness to our own lives, and the lives of each other. When done simply enough, we find the “I Am.” We find the love.


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