Our Future Hasn’t Happened Yet..

August 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

I wonder what happened to the future, to quote Bill and Ted ‘Our Album Covers Have Lied To Us Man’. Perhaps in my case the books I read as a boy thought that things would be different than they are. There is so much to have gratitude for, that I have to say this is not a moan, but a real wondering about the roads taken and not taken. I know there is so much we could be in arms about, perhaps should be in arms about, but today is about Lammas, and tonight a feast celebrating what we have sown this year.

I was just looking at book covers while letting my mind go this afternoon, a new poem of mine has decided that even though it has been published in a very reputable place, it now should undergo a massive expansion into a fairly complex sequence. The only way forward for me on day like this is to spend it mostly in silence, look at things which actually move me, read a bit to strike some sparks…. I’m sure you have your daydreaming habits too. Do tell by the way, we’d love to know.

….anyway I ended up browsing Wyndham’s Chocky, one of my favourite novels from my teens, and the tv series was brilliant too.. It is the story of a boy learning about unlimited cosmic power from a telepathic alien visitor called Chocky.. oh gosh, I’ve just remembered the theme tune for the show.. wonderful.. and these thoughts of tapping the universal power just got me to thinking that the future I thought was coming hasn’t arrived yet, so instead I’ll celebrate the harvest that we’ve made with our own hands with love and gratitude this year.



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