Relearning From Myself for my 800th post

July 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

MANIFESTO – A Letter To Myself
‘Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch we are free.’ – V for Vendetta
I reject living the world of living death brokered upon us by politicians and the middle-classes who buy freedom, liberty and adventure in vacation sized lumps with either inheritance spending or credit card debt. 

I reject literatures that only find their way into the world through privilege and connections, which contains the death of the soul in its syllables. Our stories have value too.

I reject the trappings of compromise, closed mindedness and aspirational comfort, acquisition as wealth. Settling for a life of television, shopping, video games, debt, pornography and bad sex; leaving the world and each other unexplored because we cannot look each other in the eye. We must refuse to live up to our stereotypes.

Real literature/art offers an open door to beauty, humanity, joy, difficulty and meaning. I choose the open door, the risk of love, of failure. I’ll take beauty over a credit rating, I’ll take fire, and the possibility of crashing and burning over a slow long life of decay, unlived moments and soul debt.

Everyday the living dead grin into our faces, selling their shit. Everyday we have to clean our minds of these pedlars’ values. The news is not the news, so much of life and reality is unreported, unknown to us, we have to step into life to access possibility. Switch off the newsstream. It is a battle of the soul and we must never forget that.

Art is an act of rebellion.

Do the things which bring you openness and liberty. Take the risk and make love to your partner or yourself, don’t be full of acquired images but know the person you have sex with for who they are. Look into your lovers eyes. Read books of life. Take small daily steps of freedom, learn to make bread or plant a garden, walk a mile, ask for some of what you desire, look into your own shadow and acknowledge both parts of yourself. Listen to the music of rebellion and don’t just have it with ten thousand other tunes on your music player, let it sing into your heart and actions; find others to sing with. Don’t use passive aggression and never trust hippy/fairtrade types. They are assuaging their guilt by spending a few pennies which never get to where they are supposed to go.

It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake as long as it is genuinely made in the pursuit of the real and true. Be considerate of those around you – learn the difference between compassion and pity, freedom doesn’t mean hurting others, it means taking responsibility for your own life.

When I posted this manifesto last year, it really was a message to myself. Recently I have had a number of messages telling me how much it has moved other artists who have read it. Reading it back myself yesterday I found I felt like a bell with no ringer. That since the writing of this I had forgotten all my fire and fine words. Life sometimes gives us things to face which take us away from what we are.. and I am nothing if not a writer.. The unrung metal of this bell has been silent of late, but I will strike it, even if i have to use my bare hands. Thank you those who have quoted from the above recently. Thank you for making me take these words back inside.. and begin again..

and just for a bit of inspiration:


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