Always Returning

February 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I hope 2012 is going very well for you. I spent New Year and January in India on a personal visit, but this turned into something quite unexpected after I gave an interview to a newspaper as a favour. I experienced a press explosion garnering over 50 million press impressions in a few weeks including pieces in: Times of India, Dainikbhaskar, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, India Express and Day & Night News. The Times of India called me ‘Rebellious by nature, pure at heart,’ which I think will do as some kind of quote about how I try to live this life. I didn’t mean to but due to some lovely requests, I ended up giving a few talks and readings. The appetite for poetry and literature of meaning is vast out in the world. On my return to Britain an audience member at one of my readings told me that the poem Thirst had been used on CNN.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that our dear art form is priceless (not valueless as many would have us believe). Human beings seem to have two basic functions in this universe of ours: having relationships, and telling stories. I can’t think of much else that we are made for. Oh I know we make war, and chase money, power, and make mistakes – but even those come down to relationships and stories at heart.

Times of India Piece (The Neruda mistake is very funny – Thanks Sheeba)


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