An Open Letter to my MP regarding the attacks in Norway and Links in UK

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Craig Whittaker

I hope this note finds you well.

As our MP I would ask you to raise the question of investigating links between the EDL, and other Right Wing groups, and the attacks in Norway when you next meet in the House of Commons. It is clear from the perpetrator’s statements and online activities that such connections exist. As in other matters of national security and threat the UK has been rigorous in perusing connections and groups. It now seems clear that the Right Wing in the UK is an enemy within, working against the interests of the country and its standing in the world, and must be brought into the light.

In our own locality there has been a marked rise in agitation from the ‘Right Wing’.

The head of the Quilliam think-tank recently said: “The horrific events in Norway are a reminder that white far-right extremism is also a major and possibly growing threat.”

It’s not hard to see that the fascistic values of the 20th Century are still alive, and in fact tolerated more openly today, of course the focus of that hate has been reoriented, and is often used for political gain and creation of separation in communities. As the upstanding Member of the house you appear to be. I hope you will press for action against this rising problem.

Just as with other threats, Christian and Right Wing Fundamentalism, and Terrorism, need to be dealt with in the same manor; moderate Christians and ‘Right leaning’ people must speak out against these people, and do more to weed them out within their own communities. The onus is most certainly on those who are complicit by association.

There needs to be dissuasive treatment at airports, police stop and search, a scheme for informants within churches and meetings to be able to notify the authorities and I’m sure there are many other things we don’t know of in place that can be adapted to these necessary ends.

I trust many of these matters are being discussed today, I ask you though for your vigilance in perusing these questions in the light of the large amount of Right Wing activity in West Yorkshire in recent times.

Yours Sincerely

John Siddique 


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