Full Blood is Out Now

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Full Blood is out at last, and what a journey it has been. Fifteen years ago I  jotted a note to myself that I should try to write a book which was utterly uncompromising, beyond fear, and free of the impulse to self censor. I didn’t want to be obtuse, or sly, or ironic, or be afraid of making a real statement. A journey through many ideas of acceptability followed, coupled with a deep exploration of modern taboos and notions of sensuality. I believe Full Blood meets those difficult targets of all those years ago, an artist has to go far beyond their limited selves to create…. and so now, it is over to you.

I hope you love this book, I think you will find much in it to move you and make you think. In many ways it it a very European/Indian book, and is a challenge to contemporary literature, and to ourselves. Please tell others about it: review it on Amazon, in the press and blogs etc, get you library and bookshop to stock it, read poems to others and pass on this book’s gifts if you enjoy it; and don’t if you don’t.

In these very difficult times for the arts, it is only the act of reciprocity and the passing on and sharing of things we care about which will get us through. The machine ideas of taking the gift of art and keeping it for oneself to only further one’s own sense of limited self is exactly why this mess exists in the first place.  So here’s to art leading to art, and human beings creating human things. 

FULL BLOOD is Available Here or Even Here

Full Blood is John Siddique’s fourth full-length collection of poems for adults. Erotic, physical, completely open and fully engaged with the moral urgency of life, Siddique tackles his themes robustly and yet with great sensitivity, constantly defining and reimagining what it is to be a man in today’s world, living full in the moment. Marking a serious development in the writer’s work (as well as the mind of this significant British poet) this is Siddique’s most emotionally charged work to date.

“John Siddique’s new collection takes the reader down the street and round the world. This is a brave and a bold book of linked poems whose subjects range widely from love to hate, from war to peace, from childhood to adulthood, from the real world to the world of myth. Siddique is interested in everything. Tender and open-hearted, these poems are full of wonder at the power of love. Dreamy and yet direct, this is Siddique’s most powerful collection yet.”

– Jackie Kay

“In this beautiful new collection John Siddique seduces the reader with his life-affirming reflections on our mortality and a profoundly moving poetic interplay of tenderness, love and eroticism.”

– Dr. Claire Chambers

Launch details

Date: 5 May 2011
Time: 18h00
Venue:  Manchester City Library, Deansgate, Manchester

Date:  22 June 2011
Time:  19h30
Venue:  Poetry Café, Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London

Dresscode  ‘A Touch of Red’.


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