July Writing News

July 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Salt have issued my Children’s Book – ‘Don’t Wear It On Your Head.’ They have done such a wonderful job with it, and it is a perfect read for Boys and Girls aged 6up. It also makes good bedtime read-aloud material too for younger children. 

Fiona Waters says this about it The subtitle of this book is ‘poems for young people’. Make that young people of all ages, any person whose mind is open to a different view. This is a book which biffs you round the ear one moment and takes your breath away the next. There are poems here to challenge and poems to make the reader laugh out loud.’

Recital continues to have it’s own life, and is particularly relevant over the next few weeks with the anniversaries of 7/7 and the police murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. Though don’t think its all tough stuff. The book is really a love poem to Britain and family, though it is not a sentimental love, it has all the stuff contained in those relationships between its pages.

Something I have been thinking about recently is….. How there is no society, no country or life without the individual. Everyday we are reduced further and further into statistical thinking, and yet each of us knows that those shapes won’t fit us. We get broken by ‘the wheels’ when we try to become those statistics and so it seems a wonderful thing to me, that the way out of this is personal responsibility for our own lights and shadows. That doesn’t mean indulging in our worst behaviour, but learning and being responsible for who we are. This it seems is the greatest challenge of our times, and that makes things very exciting indeed. – Yes I’ve been reading Carl Jung’s The Undiscovered Self, which I can highly recommend.

Love and light



14 July, Southwell Poetry Festival

23, 25 (My Birthday,) 28 & 30 July ‘The Sacrament of Marriage’ Poetry and Dance Performance with Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Cartwright Hall, Bradford. – the event on the 23rd is the launch, 6pm – 8pm if you fancy drinks, canapes and a bit of hob nobbing as well as the performance.. you are invited..
Poetry School Workshops
Starting at the end of September I will be running a series of monthly workshops in the beautiful environs of Hebden Bridge for The Poetry School. They will take place upstairs at The Hole int’ Wall pub on the last Saturday of each month. This term we’ll be looking at developing your poetic consciousness and building your own writing life in a way that works better for you.


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