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July 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

The blog is getting a lot of hits every day and so I’d like to open up the blog to you. 

I’m stealing this idea from The Paris Review but while they do it their way. I want take it in another direction. I’d like to run a series of weekly diaries from my readers about their cultural input.. anything from music in the car, a great piece on youtube (though we may take exception to Justin Bieber & Glee videos, we have to have some standards…) poetry and books you’ve read, through to museum trips and theatre and cinema etc.. I had a go at doing it myself, take a look at my diary from a few weeks ago, if you click the tab above that says culture diaries you’ll get to it…. and if you fancy writing about a week in your cultural life drop me a line and I’ll create a schedule…. I should have the first guest post up next week..exciting stuff

Perhaps what I’m looking for with these diaries is somehow connected to this statement:

‘The world buries its treasures, despises its glories, and seeks contentment most readily in the places where it is least likely to be found. Fortunately for us, it is in just those unlikely places, that the opportunities and treasures of the world may often be found.’ – Michael Chabon

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