Some of my work……(An Intro)

June 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

It can be tricky knowing how to begin accessing a writers work, when you first come across a them. In the 21st century, reviews and dust jackets would have us believe that everything is the greatest thing ever. I for one simply would like people to read my books. Besides trying to write books which have something real about them and push me to evolve as a writer, being read is my only other goal as an artist. Time is the best judge as to whether something is great or not. But I’d be a fool to not try and create routes into my work for people who may be interested, or who might have been put off reading but would enjoy the writing I produce.. so here are three little clips, which though brief give a very quick idea of what some of my work is about.. and there’s and ad at the end so you can see my book jackets – I’m very proud of each of them.

I’m not a clever marketer, or the best social networker in the world. I see the lives happening around me and somehow this makes me want to write things down, to try and understand – yes I suppose so, to offer words when you may not have them for yourself.. yes that too.. but mostly because our lives are made of story.. and I love the stories of our lives..
If it is your first time encountering my work thank you, and if you one of my more regular readers, let me wish you love and light.


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